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13.09. -17.09.2021
Greece, Keramoti

When the winds of change blow, some seek shelter in the harbor while other

Sailing, Yoga & more (4)

Yoga& more

Embodiment with Yoga, Relaxation through Yoga Nidra, Heart-space with Cacao Ceremony, Voicing,  Sunsets, Guitar sounds and community


The Katamaran is a Bali Catspace named “Nammu”. Nammu (*2021) contains 4 Double cabins with bathroom, two person share one cabin. A full kitchen is on board.


Keramoti is surrounded by beautiful nature. We enjoy the advantage that the places are not popular, lonely beaches and spots without light sources allow to experience untouched nature and impressive star nights. 


How a day structure look like


Morning Yoga, 10:00  11:30 Uhr

Breakfast, 10:00 13:00 am 

Start Sailing, 11:30 am

Anchoring in front of a bay / free time: Bathing &

going ashore, 15:00 19:00 am

Cooking together / dinner, 18:30 19:30 pm

Yoga of Sound / Cacao Ceremony / Yoga Nidra / free time 20:00– 22:00 

What is included

  • Lodge on the Katamaran (sleeping by nature on the boat
  • Sailing to several beautiful places
  • Breakfast, Snack and dinner every day
  • Strength and Flexibility for Body and Mind, embodiment with Ayur Yoga
  • The king of relaxation: Yoga Nidra
  • Let your heart expand with the beauty of Cacao Wisdom
  • Sun sets to remember
  • Water and Sea air
  • Time to relax &Heart connections
  • Shuffle Service Airport Kerala to Boat Harbour Keramoti included
  • Small Group (maximum 6 Person)
Sabrina Campisi

Sabrina Campisi

Sabrina ist Yoga,- Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong Teacher. The connection to the nature through breath, embodiment (body consciousness) take us into the heart& Love has the strength to heal all.
Eva-Maria Kurz

Eva-Maria Kurz

Evi is a compassionate Yoga teacher from Vienna. She teaches since 2016 Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and Ying Yoga. Her mantra: Yoga is designed for everyone!

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